Harnessing over a Decade of Experience in South Eastern Plumbing & Gasfitting

South Eastern Plumbing's Michael Davis:

"I started my own plumbing business in 2005, while also having over two decades of experience working in plumbing industry. From smaller plumbing certification work to large-scale contracts, I have now expanded into extensive renovation and maintenance work across Melbourne."

South Eastern Plumbing Roofing Hot Water Service replacement

Having been awarded a contract with Origin Energy, we were instrumental in the installation of over 120 gas heaters a year in the bayside area.  Following this success the contract was expanded and we branched into Split System heating and cooling during the summer.

Our company continued to grow following the association with GJ Gardner Homes, changing our structure to suit a larger volume builder formula.  This near fifteen month long partnership evolved again as we became involved in a couple of larger developments.  Our business has expanded to the point where we are now employing five full-time staff, renovating almost 150 homes a year.

Priding Ourselves on Maintaining Quality and Professionalism

From where we started, we have learned that it can be hard to maintain quality, consistency and customer satisfaction with “a lot on your plate.”

So with this in mind we started South Eastern Plumbing & Gasfitting Pty Ltd in 2013, to ensure our goal of taking on projects with the confidence and piece of mind.   We deliver to you the best of our skills and experience maintaining quality services within budget.

Experienced and Reputable

With ongoing success as a word of mouth referral business, South Eastern Plumbing and Gasfitting maintains its reputation as being trustworthy, honest and fair to its customers and business partners. 

The company seeks to expand on this reputation and to follow its goals of consistency and ensuring client satisfaction across all our projects.

Start the conversation at plumbing.southeast@gmail.com with us on how we can transform help you complete your latest project with professionalism and quality.